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New & Wonderful December 19, 2006

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                     South Korean Scientists Produce Three Cloned Dogs

18 December 2006

Lee Byeong-chun (center) and his researchers show Bona (l), Hope (center), and Peace, 18 Dec 2006

A former collaborator of disgraced South Korean stem-cell researcher Hwang Woo-suk says he and his team have produced three cloned copies of a female Afghan hound.Veterinary professor Lee Byung-chun said Monday inSeoul, the three identical puppies, called Bona, Peace and Hope, were born in June and July this year. The same team at SeoulUniversity, then led by Hwang, was credited with producing the world’s first cloned dog last year, an Afghan hound named Snuppy.Hwang’s success at cloning the first dog has been independently verified. But he is facing prosecution on charges of fraud and embezzlement related to his team’s human embryonic stem cell research.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.


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